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With the right channels, right frequency and right content

We have surveyed over 65,000 physicians in over 25 therapeutic areas worldwide on their omnichannel preferences and behaviour, that make up over 50 million datapoints accessible in highly interactive tools.

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Ready to reimagine your customer engagement by making the most out of your Navigator365™ data?​

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More than 50 life science companies trust Navigator365™ to help them reimagine their customer engagement.

Learn how to move to a truly personalized omnichannel experience

Whether it’s for achieving omnichannel customer excellence for your new product launch, campaign strategy or resource allocation programme, Navigator365™ offers you all the tools and evidence to answer your key business questions.
  • The communication preferences of your target audience
  • Which channels your target audience most often interacts with
  • The impact of channels on your target audience’s prescribing behaviour
  • The optimal channel, content and media mix to create an unparallelled customer experience
  • How to optimize your media spend by identifying the best 3rd party media

Benchmark your company against leading pharma companies

See how your own company stacks up against the competition, both at the company level and the channel level.

NOTE: for a deep dive benchmark at the brand level, we have recently launched the Navigator365™ Benchmark. Click here to find out more!

Our data covers over 50 on - and offline channels (owned, paid and earned)

Navigator365™ data encompasses both reach (extent to which channels are commonly encountered by HCPs) and impact (extent to which channels influence clinical decision-making) to help you determine the optimal mix for your omnichannel campaign.

Fresh omnichannel insights on over 15,000 prescribers from over 20 therapy areas in over 20 countries - annually!


Explore Navigator365™

Ready to reimagine your customer engagement by making the most out of your Navigator365™ data?​ Watch this 3-minute introduction to Navigator365™.

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Up to 200 pages full of actionable research

Navigator365™ Core research is delivered in crisp, easy to digest reports, ready for online viewing and offline use (PDF & PPT).

Deep dive into your data with our interactive PowerTools

Combine data from multiple specialties and markets, compare between countries and specialties, gain 3rd-party media insights, view trends and insights over time, assess your position versus the competition, and segment on demographics and patient types… Our analytical PowerTools will ensure you get the most out of your data sets.
  • Segmentation
  • Time trends
  • Benchmarking
  • Consolidated sets
  • Head to head
  • 3rd party media
  • Equivalence maps
  • Performance maps


  • Filter any data within your subscription based on demographic criteria (gender, age, practice type) and/or behavioural aspects (digital satisfaction, communication preferences)
  • Zoom in on doctors treating specific patient groups by using the patient conditions filter

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Project the impact of your campaign plans​

Using the all-new Navigator365™ Planner, you can:
  • Quantify your campaign plans and project the impact they will generate within your target audience​
  • Convert your insights of Navigator365™ and translate them into a quantified plan​
  • Infuse your campaign plans with country- & specialty-specific channel reach & impact data​
  • Configure your key messages and predict exposure to them​
  • Get visibility on the cadence of your campaign at the channel and customer level​
  • Use your quantified campaign plan as input for the targets in your dashboards & reports (option to input directly into Navigator365™ Tracker)​

Ready to reimagine your customer engagement by making the most out of your Navigator365™ data?

Watch this 3-minute introduction to Navigator365™.

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"Navigator365™ has become a critical part in the tactical planning of our marketing activities as it’s easy to consider trade-offs between different channels."
Head of Commercial Excellence
Leading biopharma company
"The data quality is very good and I use it on all my launches. It has really helped me and my team identify the best way to interact with our customer."
BU Director
Top 20 biopharma company
"We have used Navigator365 for years now when defining our local go-to-market strategy. I continue to be impressed with the data quality, the level of detail and richness of the data."
BU Head
Local affiliate of biopharma company